Newberry Fruits

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    About Newberry Fruits

    All About Meltis Newberry Fruits

    Newberry Fruits were originally manufactured at the Meltis factory in Bedford but un the early 90's the factory was closed and production moved to Germany...

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    Where To Buy

    Interested In Newberry Fruits?

    Now that Newberry Fruits from Meltis are back in production, we have got some great stockists that are able to supply you with Meltis Original Newberry Fruits...

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  • Newberry Fruits go way back in my family! So glad i have found them and am able to share them with all my family!

    Lauren W, UK

  • Newberry Fruits are my favourites! I LOVE THEM! I remember having them every Christmas time with my father.

    Jack P, USA

  • WOOOOOOOOO! I have waited years for these fruit jellies to reappear into my life. A real treat from the past that i can't wait to relive.

    Matty C, UK